Skyler Lauren – Bio

I have been a professional programmer for over six years and truly enjoy what I do. Coding is more than just a job to me as it is how I tend to spend my free time too. What really motivates me is creating solutions people will use and find useful. I also enjoy teaching others who want to learn to code.

Professional Experience

Wild Blue Technologies – Interactive Director 2014 – Current

As an Interactive Developer I oversee and develop custom software solutions for our clients. I have been the primary developer for a wide range of solutions ranging from Virtual Reality, Xbox Kinect, RFID, Bluetooth, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, peer-to-peer networking, facial emotion tracking, large touch kiosks, mobile iOS applications, native Mac apps, and backend web development. While I have been the primary developer for several projects, I also oversee the rest of the Interactive department. My responsibilities range from training interactive team members, participating on client calls to scope projects, estimating development hours, building internal tools for the company, and provide customer support for our applications to name a few.

SparkNET – Senior Mobile App Developer 2012 – 2014

I was the team leader for Android and iOS development. I trained, motivated, and completed code reviews with the app development team to maintain code standards, focusing on scalability. Part of my other responsibility was to recommend and develop original app ideas that lead to the L2Code Series of apps. During my time at SparkNET I worked with a wide variety of iOS and Android apps that implemented Core Data, SQLite, iCould, In-App Purchases, iAds, Game Center, Google Maps API, GCD, KVO, SpriteKit, and OpenGL. I also wrote training material for iOS developers and future iOS training course that were offered by the company.

Published Applications

Sprite Creator

This is a easy to use but yet powerfully sprite creating tool. I originally created this application because I couldn’t find a good pixel art app on the app store to do what I wanted. It has been very well received with over 15.6K downloads, 161 Reviews, and a 4.7 Star rating currently on the App Store.

C64 Sprite Creator

A fan of Sprite Creator reached out to me and wanted me to create a version that was specifically build to create sprites for the old Commodore64. Although it is a very niche market, my very first computer was a Commodore64 and thought it would be fun to go back to my roots and make the new version. I ended up learning a lot of how sprites were created back in the day and all the limitations you had to work with for example: 24×21 size sprites, double pixel wide if you want multicolor, limited color palette, and binary to decimal to hex conversions to name a few.

Dicey Dice

This game is a fun dice game where you push your luck. Originally this was my very first app I created for the BlackBerry platform and first published app I did for Android. Currently the only version I still support is the iOS version. In this version I also created a simple AI that you can play against.


This was a fun little Game Jam Winner I did back in 2015. I only had a week to complete it and felt it was polished enough to toss on the App Store as a free game with no ads. The game used similar logic as one of my favorite games when I was a kid called Chilly Willy.


This is an app version of a clever strategy game my brother and I invented. This app has not been updated in a while but features pass and play, AI play, and Game Center. //better solution for not updated?

L2Code – HTML to 2014

I was the original creator and developer of the L2Code series. The idea of the application came from when I was working on another application where we had to inject code into a webview for Google Maps API. I thought it would be fun to create an app to teach others to make webpages and to show their actual result in a mobile web browser. The application did very well while I was at SparkNET and was even featured on the App Store during the Hour of Code promotion.

L2Code – CSS to 2014

Similar to L2Code – HMTL it was the natural progression to the series and was just as popular and featured just like the original app.


Systems and methods for assessing the emotional response of individuals on a panel – Inventor

I was the lead developer and engineer on this solution. The application was built to record and analyze 12 different mock jurors emotions. It was originally designed to help lawyers with their opening and closing statements.

Modular image capture booth – Inventor

I oversaw and co developed the software that ran the cameras in the array and application that controlled everything. The booth would take several images at once and then use those images to create a 3D model.

Apparatus and Method for Dispensing a Product in Response to Detection of a Selected Facial Expression – Inventor

I wrote the code for the iPad that ran the kiosk. The application would detect a smile and dispense a treat. It also would use facial recognition to prevent users from getting more than one treat per day.


SpriteKit Alliance / Game Dev Alliance

Creator of the SpriteKit Alliance which was later renamed to Game Dev Alliance. After some back and forth with some like minded SpriteKit developers on Stackoverflow we decided to start our own group of SpriteKit Developers. The purpose of the group was to provide a great place for fellow game developers to chat, get help, participate in game jams, and share ideas. At its peak we had over 60 members from all over the world.

Game Jams

2015 SpriteKit Alliance Game Jam Winner – Lilly
2016 Spring SpriteKit Alliance Game Jam Winner – MC Madness
2017 Summer SpriteKit Alliance Game Jam Winner – Pantry Memory

Stackoverflow Member top 12%

I also enjoy helping others on Stackoverflow. Currently I have over 3,000 reputation and ranked in the top 12% overall. My popular tags are sprite-kit, ios, objective-c, and swift.