Skyler Lauren

Creator of the Sprite Kit Alliance and an Interactive Director at Wild Blue Technologies. I spend most of my free time working on iOS and OSX applications, but also work with Unity, Android, and Web Development. I have experience in Objective-C, Swift, C#, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Java.

I was also the lead developer on two apps featured in the app store during the learn to code period. L2Code – HTML and L2Code – CSS

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Sky Mist Development

All my personal projects are under Sky Mist Development.


Sprite Creator – iOS


Sprite Creator is a very powerful and easy to use pixel art drawing app. Create and import sprite sheets, tile maps, or even animated gifs. This app has been designed to be a simple and powerful tool for creating pixel art that doesn’t require you to learn an extensive interface with confusing tools.

Simulator Screen Shot Apr 24, 2016, 9.00.26 AM Simulator Screen Shot Apr 24, 2016, 8.47.42 AM

Flock – iOS


Flock was a great board game that my brother and I came up with. Originally we were going to develop it for Android together, but I ended up getting a job as a mobile developer which prevented me from working on my own apps. He continued on and developed Flock – Android without me. Now that I work for another company I was finally able to do the iOS version. It took me a few months working a few hours every couple of nights to finish the app. I am very excited to see how it does on iOS.

flock5-small flock4-small flock3-small flock2-smallflock screenshot

Android version by Fool’s Errand Development can be found here

Lilly – iOS


Lilly was a fun app I did for the SpriteKit Alliance 2015 Game Jam. I ended up getting first place and the app was complete enough to submit to the App Store. All said an done, including app submission, I put 30 hours into the project. It is free and I even have the source code available on my GitHub page here

0x0ss 0x0ss-1 0x0ss-3 0x0ss-4

Dicey Dice – Android


This was my very first app that I ever created and funny enough the most successful. I first made it for Blackberry and never published it. I soon realized that it would be much wiser for me to learn Android development instead. With some help from my brother Dicey Dice was born. I haven’t done a ton with it after I published it and it has over 40,000 downloads and a 4 start rating. The app is based on a dice game my mom taught me how to play. It is more fun to play with others, but I thought saving how many rounds it took to get to 40,000 pts made it great for solo play too. I hope to add Google Play’s turn based API so you aren’t limited to pass and play.

The app can be downloaded on the app store here

Dicey Dice – JavaScript


I thought it would be fun to work on my JavaScript skills and make a JavaScript version of Dicey Dice.

You can play it right here.


SpriteKit Alliance

Screenshot 2016-01-06 20.07.29

SpriteKit Alliance is a developer group I created. Members of the Sprite Kit Alliance help one another and give back to the developer community. We primarily focus on Apple’s Sprite Kit framework, but we have experience in all sorts of programming languages and IDEs.

You can check out SpriteKit Alliance here